Digitalisation is at its infancy in this region and SCBC is accepting responsibility to help other regional stakeholders maximise the take up of transformative digital technologies across industries.

Industry and the three layers of government are working together to build on the work already undertaken in 2019 (Conference in June 2019 focusing on digitalisation and fast data.  Follow on workshop in September 2019, with stakeholders from business and all levels of government to identify key industry focus areas, and next steps). The workshop culminated in the development of a draft action plan which was endorsed by all stakeholders involved. SCBC had commenced implementing the draft action plan by working with the stakeholders to establish relevant Digital Transformation panels (DTP) to cover the themes featured in the draft action plan. It is intended that these panels will oversee the implementation of the action plan to deliver a high level strawman in relation to Digital Transformation for the Sunshine Coast Regin.

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