Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Business Council June 2016 Newsletter…Federal Election, Ripple Effect Conference and Business Opportunities for the Sunshine Coast Region…


Federal Election 2016

The Sunshine Coast has had a steady stream of LNP ministers visit the Coast recently including the Prime Minister.  Whilst there has been limited commitments made we welcome the $5m promised for tourism infrastructure.

SCBC are inviting our members to Meet the Candidates at a networking function to be held on Tuesday 28 June between 4 – 6.00 pm.   We have invited the ALP, LNP and Green candidates for Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay so we have all the region represented.   You should have already received an email invitation and we hope you will take the opportunity to come along and discuss your ideas for the region with your federal candidates. We welcome your attendance however RSVPs must be received by no later than 12noon Friday 24 June 2016.  Send your response now to info@scbusinesscouncil.com.au


Sunshine Coast Economy

Whilst the Sunshine Coast is heading in the right direction, we must not kid ourselves that our economy is strong, particularly given the Queensland economy.   So let us all start demanding more or our state government and also our local councils to ensure the investment opportunities already in play in this region are given a fair chance to proceed and keep our local population working.

By 2018/19 the state debt will be around $79b and the state government appears unable to develop any strategies to address the debt other than move money to state owned entities and to target the state superannuation fund.  We need to start putting real pressure on the state government to address the structural issues and get asset sales back on the agenda.   To ignore this is just committing our future generations to a burden of debt that is already threatening our future prosperity.


Think Tank – Community Engagement

On Monday 20 June SCBC concluded its second think tank series.  This series titled – Increasing the effectiveness of community engagement to deliver outcomes and positive changes for shared benefit to the community, business and government.  What needs to change? – has again proved to be extremely successful and well supported by all participants.

Speakers this series included:

  • Professor Tim Smith, Director of the Sustainability Research Centre USC who talked on engagement and democracy.
  • Dr. Sam Wilson from Swinburne Leadership Institute who presented ‘The Swinburne Leadership Survey – Index of Leadership for the Greater Good’.
  • Ms Amanda Newbery, Director Articulous Communications who talked about best practice and trends in community engagement.
  • Media representatives from print, radio and TV as well as USC Queensland University of Technology who discussed the media’s responsibility in factually informing public debate.

There were a number of case studies presented by Fresh PR which provided regional examples of how major community engagement programs were conducted and received by the general community.

The discussion, which included a focus on the intent and interpretation of planning schemes, has been vigorous, challenging and positive.  We now need to continue to work together to improve the quality of community engagement right across the board.  This is not just a developer or a council issue.  To be effective we all need to be prepared to go the extra yard.

We will advise the agreed outcomes of this series via email to members and in the next quarterly newsletter.


Combined Council Forum

SCBC is partnering with USC to bring our two regional councils together to discuss the potential for greater regional collaboration.  The purpose of the forum is to ask mayors, CEOs and councillors to work together, with the business community, to identify areas where a combined approach could be adopted to improve regional performance or outcomes.

SCBC has long called for greater collaboration between all tiers of government and particularly between our regional councils.  We see this as the first step to getting on the same page in terms of social and economic issues such as education, health, employment, innovation, sustainability and others areas.

The Sunshine Coast region needs to improve its record of attracting federal and state funding for major infrastructure.  If we show a more determined and combined approach we hope that record will be more successful in the future.


Kawana Health Precinct Conference

Since 2010, SCBC has followed the development of the Kawana Hospital and Health Precinct and have held several conferences and forums over that time, primarily bringing attention to the potential ripple effect for the regional economy from this significant public and private sector investment.

SCBC is holding a major conference on Thursday 11 August 2016 on the ripple effect as we prepare for the opening of the public hospital in April 2017.  Speakers will cover:

  • Overview of Queensland Health Precincts recently undertaken by KPMG
  • The impact of a regional institute
  • Realising the ‘ripple effect’
  • How SMEs assess the opportunity

Our keynote speaker, Mr Brian Haratsis, is the Executive Chairman Macroplan Dimasi and has considerable national and international experience in the area.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion – Is the Sunshine Coast positioned to realise the economic and health benefits from the public and private sector investment?

We hope you will support this conference and discussion. Corporate Tables of 8 are available for only $550.  Bring your colleagues or invite your clients.  Follow the link to book your seats!  www.trybooking.com/LUWU


Lifeline provide services to support business productivity

The NFP sector contributes strongly to the regional economy as well as providing essential social and community services.  SCBC invited Lifeline to present at its June board meeting to talk about how health and wellbeing programs can increase productivity through improved employee engagement, creativity and innovation as well as lower workers’ compensation costs.  Lifeline provides a range of training programs on mental health, domestic violence, communication and peer support.

If you are interested in learning more please go to lifeline.training@uccommunity.org.au


Membership 2016/2017

Membership renewals have been issued for the 2016/17 Financial Year but we are still looking for new members.  It has been a big year for the Sunshine Coast Business Council and your support is paramount for us to continue advocating for the economic prosperity of our region and most importantly, for our members.

Our commitment is to enable your organisation to play an effective role in the decision making and advocacy processes that drive the development and profitable growth of sustainable business on the Sunshine Coast.

We always look forward to your contribution and input and hope that you will recommend other organisations to join with us and contribute to the work of the SCBC.

Please visit our website at www.scbusinesscouncil.com.au to familiarise yourself with the three levels of membership and to access an application form. Alternatively, contact any board member on info@scbusinesscouncil.com.au to discuss the benefits of being a member.