In May 2020 Sunshine Coast Business Council convened a series of industry briefings to bring the 3-Tiers of Government and Industry together to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on industry and employment in the region.

The first of the industry briefing heard from five industry leaders on pre and post Covid-19 performance and what was needed at the regional level to help industry and the economy .

The second briefing focused on the Property and Construction industries and referenced a pipeline of significant regional projects compiled by SCBC to review the strength of the current and planned infrastructure projects to underpin the economy.

The third briefing bought all the presenters together with the 3-Tiers of Government to talk about what was the ‘Ask’ by industry of each of the levels of Government.

Now we are all on the same page in terms of how regional industries and projects are positioned, the discussion is turning to Making Jobs which is the focus of Session 4.

Link to SCBC COVD-19 Recovery Industry Briefing Sessions.

Link to SCBC-Covid-19-Industry-Briefings-Session-1-Agenda—22-May-2020