Annual Strategy Workshop – 2016

17 March 2016

SCBC Members getting together to discuss what is happening in the business community and region. Including regional performance, SCBC’s focus for 2016 and hearing from Mayoral candidates.

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Think Tank Series 2 – Increasing the effectiveness of community engagement to deliver outcomes and positive changes for shared benefit to the community, business and government. What needs to change?

22 February 2016

SCBC is a key business advocate for economic growth and prosperity. In line with the theme of the overarching objective – PROTECTING THE DIVERSITY
AND RICHNESS OF THE SUNSHINE COAST REGION BEYOND ITS ECONOMIC VALUE – Series 2 Think Tank Sessions will focus on a critical element essential to
achieve the overarching objective, that is, the need to improve community engagement.

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Think Tank Series 1 – Protecting the diversity and richness of the Sunshine Coast Region beyond its economic value

08 August 2015

Session 1 30th  March 2015 – balancing growth | development | environment SCBC Think Tank Series 1 – Session 1 agenda – Monday 30 March 2015.pdf Session 2 – 4th May 2015 – Drilling down on some of the ideas/options SCBC Think Tank Series 1 – Session 2 agenda – Monday 4th May 2015.pdf Session…

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Annual Strategy Workshop – 2015

05 March 2015

SCBC Strategy Workshop 5 March 2015- storyboard SCBC Strategy Session 2 agenda – Thursday 5 April 2015 SCBC 2015 Strategic Focus Area

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Youth Prosperity Forum

21 May 2014

A follow up from the first Youth Prosperity Forum conducted on 12 November 2013. The purpose of this forum is to review what has changed and agree on a way forward. Click here to view the Agenda Click here to view the Round Table presentation

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Annual Strategy Workshop – 2014

13 February 2014

Strategy Session storyline

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Sunshine Coast Youth Prosperity Forum

12 November 2013

Currently, the local youth unemployment rate stands between 17 and 18 per cent, compared to an overall local unemployment rate of 6.7 per cent. Join with business and government leaders, and some of Australia’s most knowledgeable researchers and leaders in championing these youth issues, as we put a spotlight on Sunshine Coast youth unemployment.

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Hospital & Health Precinct ‘Ripple Effects’ Forum

31 July 2013

Reminder – What is the ‘ripple effect’? Used in this context – describes opportunities that may be created across industries as a result of building or operating the hospital and health precinct, e.g. supplying or servicing the actual hospitals or ancillary services or the people who are employed to provide the services.

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Mr Andrew Foo, Vice President Singapore Australia Business Council

The Asia Forum

11 April 2013

Growth of the Middle Class in Asia – are there opportunities for the Sunshine Coast? Within a few years Asia will be the world’s largest producer and consumer of goods and services. An increasingly wealthy and mobile middle class is emerging in the Asia region, creating new opportunities. Demand will increase for a diverse range of goods and services, from health…

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Kawana Health Precinct ‘Ripple Effects’ Forum Quarterly Action Plan Updates

17 March 2013

March Quarterly 2013 update and December 2012 updates.

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