SCBC supports regional economic growth by working closely with its members and key stakeholders to determine an agreed position on key issues.  We then craft a narrative around the issues to guide media comments and a plan to deliver a successful advocacy agenda.

SCBC Priorities

SCBC held its 2018 strategic workshop with members in February 2018 with strong attendance by members and invited guests. The agreed focus areas for 2018 included:

  • Jobs

    Growing and diversifying the economy to create jobs across all sectors and age groups, with a focus on youth and older Australians.

  • Regional strategies

    Collaborating around a clear regional strategy and infrastructure pipeline to ensure our region is positioned to perform in the top third of Australian regional centres by 2020.

  • Next generation planning scheme

    Working with SCC and industry groups to initiate a review of the SCC Planning Scheme - to ensure its capacity to balance the bold regional growth strategies with similarly robust regional economy and lifestyle expectations - in terms of future urban development including height, density and land supply questions raised from the SEQ Regional Plan.

  • Leveraging investment in projects

    Promoting new horizon strategies and opportunities that focuses on more than individual projects and attract private and public investment to the region to grow the economy directly, and through PPPs.

  • Advocacy through numbers

    Encouraging members to stand together and through the Business Council ‘speak with one voice’ to champion the Sunshine Coast region’s national value, growth potential, infrastructure needs and funding requirements.

Summary of the Focus Areas, why, key messages and actions

The SCBC updates the focus areas based on the outcomes of the Strategy Development Workshop held annually in the first quarter of each year.

Members of SCBC board are available to go through the focus areas with any of our members. If you wish to take up that offer please contact us on We will keep members informed of our progress through updates in future newsletters and on our website


The SCBC has contributed to Thought Leadership for the region since 2010, ensuring attention is draw to the key focus areas of investment, infrastructure and employment. This thought leadership combined with our Advocacy role has helped initiate, influence or expand discussions and ideas for industry, business members and the community.

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Past priorities

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