SCBC supports regional economic growth by working closely with its members and key stakeholders to determine an agreed position on key issues.  We then craft a narrative around the issues to guide media comments and a plan to deliver a successful advocacy agenda.

2020 Priorities

SCBC held its 2020 strategic workshop with members in February 2020 with strong attendance by members and invited guests.  As this has also been an election year the SCBC mapped out the state and local election priorities that would be critical for the success of the Sunshine Coast region. This information follows the SCBC priorities for this year.

SCBC Priorities

  • Jobs

    Job growth and change: growth in numbers, quality and across industries such that the Sunshine Coast Region is growing and diversifying the economy to create jobs across all sectors and age groups, ensuring a sustainable economic future for both youth and older Australians.

  • Regional strategies

    Focus on growing industry and the economy through transformative digital technologies (TDT) with a focus on health, education and identifying the ‘next wave’ opportunities.

  • Next generation planning scheme

    Next Planning Scheme – to deliver on SEQ Regional Plan and answer the questions regarding managing growth such that the Plan’s capacity to balance the bold regional growth strategies with similarly robust regional economy and lifestyle expectations - in terms of future urban development including height, density and land supply questions raised from the SEQ Regional Plan.

  • Leveraging investment in projects

    Maintaining focus on investment and regionally significant projects – is growth being supported by all levels of government and industry and delivered to plan?

  • Advocacy through numbers

    Advocating for the Sunshine Coast 5 Regional and State Election Priorities and encouraging members to stand together and through the Business Council ‘speak with one voice’ to champion the Sunshine Coast region’s national value, growth potential, infrastructure needs and funding requirements.

Top 5 Election Priorities for the Sunshine Coast 2020

This is a critical time for Sunshine Coast and all regions.  Covid-19 is and will be a significant risk and drag to all economies and we need to have a razor-sharp focus and agreement on what needs to be prioritised at a regional level, to preserve our economy, businesses, jobs and communities.

We have new councillors in both regional councils and a Queensland State Government election in October 2020. In the interim we need to work together – 3-tires of government and business – to do what needs to be done (working within Federal and State Government guidelines) to come out of this difficult period in as good a shape as possible.

SCBC will seek to bring government and business together to work collaboratively on developing and implementing a targeted Recovery Plan for The Greater Sunshine Coast Region.

State Priority #1

Address the State’s poor economic performance and implement a clear plan to improve its economic rating to a Top 3 performer (measured against all Australian states), by the end of CY 2023.

Local Priority #1

Establish a Covid-19 Recovery Taskforce (3 ties government and industry) to identify and drive strategies designed to stimulate and expedite regional recovery and economic growth disrupted by Covid-19 impacts.

State Priority #2

Tax reform across industries to support uplift in economic activity particularly in the property industry which accounts for nearly 12% of state economic activity and 49% of state and local taxes.

Local Priority #2

Cut red tape and reduce costs to business - council charges and processing time taken for all local government approvals – to fast track operationally ready projects to assist during the Covid-19 recovery.

State Priority #3

Release an integrated regional transport strategy for Sunshine Coast region by the end of 2020 covering changes due to Covid-19 impact.

Local Priority #3

Work with state and federal governments to agree transport priorities, cost requirements, splits and funding commitments so that all tiers of government and the community are on the same page regarding what transport infrastructure will be delivered regionally, over the next decade.

State Priority #4

Commit State Government funding to deliver duplicated rail and North Coast connect projects and associated public infrastructure initiatives for Sunshine Coast region.

Local Priority #4

Provide clarity around the funding options and support by state and federal government for North Coast connect projects and light rail as the preferred Mass Transit option.

State Priority #5

Unlock economic activity through large regional infrastructure projects and introducing targets for regional resourcing for these projects.

Local Priority #5

Unlock economy activity through expedient planning and approval processes and prioritising local resourcing for major and large projects.


The SCBC has contributed to Thought Leadership for the region since 2010, ensuring attention is draw to the key focus areas of investment, infrastructure and employment. This thought leadership combined with our Advocacy role has helped initiate, influence or expand discussions and ideas for industry, business members and the community.

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